Domestic life in 1950s Britain

Are you in Liverpool or visiting this year and love the 1950s? Then you need to add this property to your “to do” list. This stunning house is unchanged since the 50s and once the home of Liverpool’s most celebrated photographer and gives a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era. The Georgian terrace at 59 Rodney Street in Central Liverpool was owned by Edward Chambré Hardman and his wife Margaret who lived and worked there for 40 years keeping almost everything and changing very little. Hardman used the house as a portrait studio but his real love was for landscapes. His pictures of the Liverpool docks from the 1940s, 50s and 60s serve as an important historical record of the period.

The house is completely original down to the post-war rations in the kitchen cupboard and Bakelite telephone in the office. The building is now preserved by the National Trust and open to visitors.

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Read more about Hardman and his work

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