Sipping Pretty Crockery Hire Herefordshire

Sipping Pretty, a vintage crockery hire business, started from my penchant for collecting beautiful bone china tea sets, is now very quickly becoming a prop hire business to boot. We are able to offer all the vintage crockery you could possible desire for afternoon tea for up to 200 guests and have a rapidly growing collection of dinner services and table linen. Or if you fancy picnicking upon feather filled eiderdowns and type love letters to one another on a sunny afternoon we can help with that too. All you need is your imagination…

How it all began…
Our bedroom cupboards and under bed storage groaned (as did Mr H) as I insisted I was sure that there was just enough room for the little lemon tea set I’d sourced. ‘Enough is enough’ retorted Mr H and this time he sounded serious.
I couldn’t for the life of me hold back from purchasing the most delightful china cups and saucers but I also knew that I had to justify my purchases to continue in the same manner and get away with it. It was my light bulb moment – what I NEEDED to do was buy MORE vintage china and hire it out. Initially Mr H was resistant to the idea but I proceeded confidently and, regardless to his resistance went out and purchased like I’d never purchased before! It was a glorious year…. sigh… not so for Mr H.
I have fallen off the crockery highway (so to say) on my travels, and because of that stumble we are also able to offer wonderful vintage eiderdowns, a gorgeous typewriter, glassware, bunting, vintage suitcases, silverware, etc, etc…. I think most vintage enthusiasts will tell you that collecting is addictive and I am happy to admit that I am no exception.

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And here we are… three years later and Sipping Pretty has in stock a huge medley of vintage china and props all individually selected and much cherished finds. We believe that any event has the potential to become a vintage party and we are also able to offer a set up and styling service.
And back to Mr H, who was unaware of what the heck vintage really meant but has received a three year course on the subject and is a fast learner. A vintage collection means, Mr H, that you no longer own ‘that’ part of your barn – it is completely devoted to Mrs H’s vintage crockery and props collection. However, he can rest easy at night knowing that the bedroom cupboard and under bed storage is now liberated. Sleep peacefully Mr H and be thankful it’s crockery and not horses.

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