Women’s Waist Size is 6″ Bigger Than The 1950s

As a Tailoress I have collected many vintage patterns over the years and often have to explain to my customers how patterns of yesteryear have to be graded correctly to fit today’s fuller figure. So I was interested to read the following article in the daily mail…..

Women’s Waist Size are 6″ Bigger than the 1950s.

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4 Responses to Women’s Waist Size is 6″ Bigger Than The 1950s

  1. Marie At Tea says:

    The other thing that people buying or renting historical costumes often don’t realise is the importance of historically accurate underwear. The most obvious example is the number of people I see wearing “Marie Antoinette” style dresses that are wearing a modern day bra or Victorian corset and hooped petticoats rather than paniers, and it just doesn’t fit properly.

    • I agree with you! Everyone wore foundation garments in the 1950s too which gave a fabulous figure. They also forget to consider the fabulous figures like Hatty Jacques too, she certainly wasn’t a slim lady and neither was the fictional figure of Ma Larkin – I am sure there were many more fuller figures in the 1950s than the medical authorities care to mention!

      • Marie At Tea says:

        Definitely, not to mention the most famous figure of Marilyn Monroe which was by no means small compared to the kind of figures you find in Hollywood today.

  2. Marie At Tea says:

    (And also doesn’t fit right ofc, I loose 3 inches off everywhere in my 18th century stays)

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