The Gentleman’s Guide to Motoring

From the co-founder of The Chap magazine comes…

The Gentleman’s Guide to Motoring

By Vic Darkwood
June 2012, PB, AA Publishing, £9.99

From the writer of The Chap Manifesto comes the ultimate illustrated guide to the art of motoring in exquisite style.

If you’ve ever sat in a fifteen mile tailback on the M25, or contemplated the frightening geometrics of certain roundabouts outside Swindon, you might have concluded that the romance of motoring belongs to yesteryear. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Just because most contemporary car designs lack aesthetic finesse and the majority of our fellow road users often exhibit behaviour no better than slavering beasts, it doesn’t mean that those of an independent frame of mind, with poetry in their soul and vim in their trousers, shouldn’t take a stab at reclaiming the whole adventure of motoring as the sanctified mission of the gentleman.

Style and etiquette is placed on an equal footing with the rules and regulations of the road in this radical redrafting of the Highway Code. From delegating the tiresome maintenance of your vehicle, to sartorial advice for the finest motoring get-up, and using your automobile to woo the ladies . Vic Darkwood unleashes his new manifesto for gentlemanly driving that will please the unsuspecting public.

Vic Darkwood’s unique artistic flair brings alive this entertaining and quirky guide, to appeal to both petrol heads and those with a strong motoring aversion. The ideal gift for Father’s Day!

About the author:
Vic Darkwood is a writer, painter, illustrator and bon viveur living and working in London. His past projects include co-founding The Chap magazine in 1998 and co-writing several tomes, including The Chap Manifesto and Around the World in Eighty Martinis. As a painter (working under the scarcely believable nom de peinture, Nicholas Jolly) he has his work represented in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and in the collections of Terry Gilliam, Nick Lowe, Noel Fielding and, co-writer of Father Ted, Graham Linehan.

BUY! BUY! BUY! For Father’s Day!

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