Richard IIIs Body in the Carpark in Leicester

Sometimes a person’s passion and belief can become a reality, and that is what has happened to Philippa Langley and Richard III’s body in the carpark in Leicester.

The editor of this page is from Leicester and is so delighted for the staff at Leicester University to have found the remains and that the body will be re-interned next year in Leicester Cathedral.

It’s bizarre to think I walked past that carpark daily for 5 years.


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One Response to Richard IIIs Body in the Carpark in Leicester

  1. Bridget says:

    How incredible a day yesterday was for the whole country, some people may not have even heard of Richard III but this discovery does change history. A wonderful and exciting find. Not happy with the bickering started about the resting place for Kind Richard III as that is all about money and tourism..always someone to want to make a buck out of everything…We must not forget that this is a human skeleton and should be shown respect, it is not a tourist attraction.

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