Crazy Cat Lady Vintage Clothing

Well hello there! Welcome to The Crazy Cat Lady Vintage. We have a hand-picked collection of affordable, wearable vintage clothing and accessories – and not just the tiny stuff! We get our vintage clothing from all over the world so there’s all sorts for all sorts in all sorts of sizes!

We are two Northern girls who have been friends since the age of 9. We were not much older than that when we bought our first bin-bag full of ‘vintage clothes’ from a jumble sale at the local church hall. I’ve no idea what happened to that bag – I would love to go through it again now! As teenagers we would trawl the local charity shops in search of flared jeans and leather jackets! We’ve grown up a bit since then but some things never change – we still love dressing up and finding a new love for someone’s old clothes!

We just love Vintage!

Our fabulous collection for The Crazy Cat Lady Vintage started out as our own wardrobe of vintage dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes and handbags that we bought from little vintage and thrift shops when travelling around the world. We’ve had pieces from Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, China, Malaysia and Thailand as well as the UK, Europe and the US. When our backpacks became too full we sent the clothes home and started collecting more! Now we have more than two girls could every wear themselves so it’s time to share the love and give others the chance to love our vintage collection as much as we have. It’s sometimes hard to part with what was once our favourite vintage dress but when it goes to someone who loves it as much as we have then that makes us happy kittens!

Find our shop and browse our stock on EtsyFacebook and coming soon – Vintassion

Some of our favourite things that have recently sold have been a vintage brown leather doctor’s bag [handbag] that we found in an op-shop (charity shop) in New Zealand, a 1980’s anchor-print shift dress, a 1970’s Japanese dress with a gorgeous ice-skater print (we are so jealous of the person who got their hands on this one as it never fitted either of us – though we wanted it to!) and lots of cotton plaid and floral print tea dresses from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Keep checking in because we add to our vintage collection often and we’d hate for you to miss out on these one-offs that you just can’t get on the High Street! Whether it’s a 1950’s skirt, a 1970’s blouse or a 1980’s little black dress you’re after – we have something for everyone!

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Also look out for us as we head up and down the country to show off our collection at various Vintage Fairs! The Crazy Cat Lady Vintage was recently spotted at Old Spitalfields Market, London for the UK’s leading vintage fair – Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair where our vintage skirts and blouses especially were a big hit.  Our next fair will be on our home soil in Grimsby, Lincolnshire at the Grimsby Minster on Saturday 2nd November with Vintage Revolution. Track down our stall by looking for our Cat Hangers which we think wear the vintage dresses very well!

Please find us, like us and share our page – spread the word!

See you soon at The Crazy Cat Lady Vintage!


for more vintage visit our website and facebook page

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